Zombie Products Sold On Line and Made Available Through Home Self Defense Products. Our Store Offers the Best Self Defense and Security Product Solutions that Include Zombie Brands Priced to Sell for One Low Affordable Price.

Get ready for the Zombie Apocalypse! Zombie products are real, and are sold on line at Home Self Defense Products. We offer some of the best Self Defense and Security Product Solutions available at affordable prices.

Zombie products and solutions can widely vary as there are many specialty self defense security products available. We developed a page dedicated to Zombie products in response to all the requests we received from customers searching for their Zombie solutions.

You will also find that we offer for sale, a wide range of Zombie products including knives, pepper spray, clothing, hats and shooting targets. We will be adding new products as they are found or made available. 
If or when a deadly contagion is released upon planet Earth, you will be better prepared and protected with our products. Our Zombie deter ants will come in handy, especially if the people around you, turn into flesh eating monsters. We also cater to those of you who love all things Zombie. No Judgement.

 We also sell vampire repellent should your neighbors turn out to be blood sucking creatures of the night.

We are also thankful for the continued support from all our customers and if we do not have the Zombie Solution you are searching for, please contact us with your request. You can be assured we will take immediate action to find the product you want. Should it be found, we will make it available to you and  all Zombie hunters.
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16" Green Zombie Axe With Sheath16" Green Zombie Axe With Sheath16 Inch Green Zombie Axe with Sheath.
3pc Zombie Blades3pc Zombie BladesGreen Handle 6.5 Inch Zombie Blade Set.
5ive Star - Defense Wrench5ive Star - Defense Wrench5ive Star Gear Defense Wrench Designed User Friendly with Numerous Options.
5ive Star - Morale Patch5ive Star - Morale PatchZombie Apocalypse Response Team Patch Unique Differennt and One fo A Kind Design
5ive Star - Morale Patch Zombie Apocalypse Outbreak Response Team5ive Star - Morale Patch Zombie Apocalypse Outbreak Response TeamZombie Outbreak Response Team Patch.
5ive Star - Survival Matchbox5ive Star - Survival MatchboxWaterproof 5ive Star - Survival Matchbox.
Camp 10 - Survival ToolCamp 10 - Survival ToolThe Perfect Outdoor Survival Knife for Slash and Much More.
Can OpenerCan OpenerSmall and Handy 5ive Star Can Opener First Developed in 1942 to Open Canned Field Rations - Gret Addition to Both Camp or Survival Bags
DPx Danger TagDPx Danger TagDPx Danger Survival Tag with Sharp Edge.
Skull BeadsSkull Beads5ive Star Antique White Skull Beads.
The ZAP SnakebiteThe ZAP SnakebitePowerful ZAP Snakebite 20 Million Volt Stun Gun.
Vampire Brand RepellentVampire Brand RepellentVampire brand pepper spray avail only on line.
Voodoo Tactical Multi-ToolVoodoo Tactical Multi-ToolVoodoo Tactical Multi-Tool Set.
Zombie 10.25" HatchetZombie 10.25" HatchetZombie Hunter 10.25 Inch Hatchet.
Zombie 25" Kukri MacheteZombie 25" Kukri MacheteZombie 25" Kukri Machete with Textured Handle.
Zombie 25" MacheteZombie 25" MacheteZombie 25" Full Tang Machete.
Zombie Apocalypse Browning KnifeZombie Apocalypse Browning KnifeBrowning Zombie Apocalypse Fixed Blade Knife.
Zombie Attorney Slaughter TargetZombie Attorney Slaughter TargetZombie Attorney Slaughter Shooting Target.
Zombie Dagger SetZombie Dagger SetLong 9 Inch Zombie Daggers with Target Board and Pouch.
Zombie Frank Zapped TargetZombie Frank Zapped TargetZombie Frank Zapped Shooting Target.
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