ZAP Walking Cane Stun Gun with Flashlight
ZAP Walking Cane Stun Gun with Flashlight
Cane Stun GunZap Cane Stun Gun
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Personal Self Defense ZAP Walking Cane Stun Gun with Flashlight

Steady yourself, light your way and be ready to protect yourself if needed! This ZAP Stun Cane features an adjustable walking cane, an ultra-bright LED flashlight and a stun gun with an unheard of 1-million volt charge that will knock down any attacker. The cane has a weight capacity of 250 lbs and is adjustable from 32" to 36". They'll think it is just a cane until it is too late! It is even rechargeable and includes a wall charger and carrying case.

Product Description

- 1 Million Volts

- Adjustable 32-36" Long

- Weight Capacity - up to 250lb

- With Ultra-bright LED Flaslight

- Safety Switch

- Built-in Rechargeable Battery

- 1 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty

- $20.00 Carry Case included for FREE!

Instruction Manual

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