Vehicle Safety and Security Protection

Whether you drive for a living, are on vacation or drive the daily commute, having the right tools is a must.

An accident or breakdown can happen quickly. If you have ever experienced a roadside emergency, or ran out of gas, then you know the anxiety that accompanies a roadside misfortune.

These days many people have roadside assistance they call and someone fixes their flat tire or tows them away. 

But what happens if a natural disaster strikes or weather conditions leave you stuck in your car for days or weeks?

Emergency preparedness and self security protection are critical to survival in these type of situations.

Are you prepared? If not, we have simplified the process to better withstand an emergency. 

Below are two safety security survival checklists. The first list consists of items most drivers consider to be enough to remain safe when driving. The second list is more comprehensive offering all of the essential necessary tools and supplies to sustain and survive should disaster strike while away from home:

Common Items and Tools Most Drivers Carry:
Jumper Cables
Snow Chains
Gas Can (not legal or safe to carry)
Roadside Assistance (less then 60% drivers have active agreement for service)

These items and tools are good to carry and when a breakdown occurs, these may help you resolve the issue and get you back on the road. 

Now lets consider the what would you do when away from home and disaster strikes! Many of the roads and highways are damaged and in-passable. Your car is full operational, there are no breakdowns you are far from home. These items and tools are not going to help you survive. You are going to need much more, especially if you are far from home and might have to find ways to sustain yourself for many days to come.

Essential Security and Survival Items Most Drivers Do Not Carry:
Seat Belt Cutters
Glass Breaker
Fire Extinguisher
Tire Gauge
Emergency Flares  or LED Flashers
Jump Cables
Flashlight Stun Gun
Power Bank
Portable Emergency Multi-sized USB Charge Cables
Dash Camera
Emergency Water - Food - Utensils
Anti Nap Zappers
Distress Flags
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