We offer for sale original traditional stun guns that are most effective against would be attackers. These strong self defense products are rechargeable; some come with LED flashlights, mini and affordable from our on line store for a cheap price.

SM 3.5M Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun w/ FlashlightSM 3.5M Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun w/ Flashlight
Streetwise Life Guard 2,500,000 Volt Stun Gun PinkStreetwise Life Guard 2,500,000 Volt Stun Gun PinkStun gun designed for women that is slim, powerful and pink providing the protection you need when it matters the most.
Stun Gun Holster for Stun Master 100-SStun Gun Holster for Stun Master 100-S
Stun Master Li'l Guy Rechargeable Stun Gun With FlashlightStun Master Li'l Guy Rechargeable Stun Gun With FlashlightStun Master Lil Guy 7,500,000 volts Stun Gun W/flashlight and Nylon Holster Black This little stun gun is small and compact.
Stun Master Multi-Function Stun GunStun Master Multi-Function Stun GunStun Master Multi-Function rechargeable stun gun. Features • 4.5 million volts • A super bright LED flashlight • Red flashing emergency lights • Alarm and disable pin wrist strap
StunMasterHotShotStunGunStunMasterHotShotStunGunStun Master Hot Shot Stun Gun only 3 inches long, looks almost like a Blackberry
The Zap GunThe Zap GunNew For Sale On Line The ZAP Stun Gun with Flashlight.
Touchdown 7,500,000 Stun Gun RechargeableTouchdown 7,500,000 Stun Gun RechargeableOur slogan for the Touchdown Series "just a touch and down they go" fits this unit perfectly.  Its outstanding power and quality makes it a member of our exclusive Top Gun Series
UZI Micro Stun Gun DeviceUZI Micro Stun Gun DeviceUZI Brand Micro Stun Gun Pen Device.
Why are stun guns the second most popular self-defense product in the United States? The answer is simple. They are an effective tool, especially for women and their personal safety, to fight off what seems to be an inevitable assault on them at some point in their life. Statistics show that close to 25 to 30% of all women in the United States will be assaulted at some point in her life.
Surprisingly a large number of assaults occur in the home with domestic violence. Close to 30% of all married women or women in a relationship will be a victim. If you are a woman in college, the percentages drop to 20 to 25%. That's a high price to pay for college education. A large number of assaults on women occur in relatively remote areas of parking lots that are poorly lit. But the fact is an assault on women can occur anywhere and at any time.
Some of the reasons why women are preferring these self-defense product stun guns so much more now is because they are smaller and stronger than before. As a bonus, they are at a cheaper price. Some of the most popular models are flashlight stun guns, disguised stun guns that look like cell phones or lipstick dispensers about by far and away the most popular stun gun is the mini stun gun because it is so small.
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