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Protect Your Self and Your Home While Maintaining a Safe Distance with the Best Handheld Non-Lethal Tasers. At our Online Personal Defense Store you can Buy Top Rated Electric Tasers Used by Police and Law Enforcement Including X26 Guns and Small C2 Tasers for Men and Women as well as Replacement Batteries & Air Cartridges for Sale at Cheap Discount Prices.

Hopefully you never have to worry about being mugged, assaulted, have your house broken into or be attacked in anyone. Unfortunately however we live in a society where crime against person is an everyday occurrence. Regardless whether you are a man or woman you need protection and deserve piece of mind. Buying an electroshock non lethal home and personal defense weapon is a relatively cheap and effective way to protect yourself and your home. Most handheld electroshock weapons for sale like stun guns require you to “touch” the attacker. This means you have to wait until they are close enough to you to use your electroshock personal or home defense weapon. This can be dangerous. Ideally you want stop your attacker before they get close enough to you to strike.
This is the reason why most police and law enforcement agencies use x26 and c2 tasers instead of stun guns. Electric handheld Taser Brand are an extremely effective dual function home and personal defense weapons for men and woman. They have a 15 foot range allowing you stop attackers before they get close to you. The handheld x26 and c2 taser guns fire two small dart-like electrodes that after hitting their target deliver an electric high voltage current that causes neuromuscular incapacitation. Taser Brand strong electric current interrupts the brain’s ability to control the muscles in the body. This creates an immediate and unavoidable incapacitation. Giving you the opportunity you need to escape and call the police.
The electrodes are pointed so they can penetrate clothing and are also barbed to prevent them from being removed. Earlier Taser Brand had difficulty in penetrating thick clothing, but newer guns for sale used by police and law enforcement like the X26 and C2 use a "shaped pulse" that increases effectiveness and will penetrate even the thickest clothing. If you find yourself in close range Taser Brand can also have a stun gun function allowing you to “touch” and incapacitate your attacker. Tasers dual function allows you to maintain a safe distance as well be used in close range making tasers one of the best, strongest and most effective top rated non lethal home and self defense weapons to buy. Handheld Taser Brand guns may not be the cheapest the electric shock non lethal home and personal self defense weapons you can buy, but they are certainly one of the most effective, safest and easiest to use. When it comes to your personal safety and protection can you really put a price tag on that?
At our home and personal self defense online store you can buy the best top rated tasers for men and women including the strong X26 and C2 guns as well as batteries and air cartridges. Whether you want a larger x26 taser gun used by police and law enforcement, a smaller handheld c2 or need replacement cartridges or batteries we have the best tasers and accessories for your needs and have them for sale at cheap discount price. Being an online based home and personal self defense products and non lethal weapons store we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional stores. These saving are passed to you allowing us to offer the best top rated x26 and c2 taser guns as well as replacement air cartridges and electric batteries for sale at the cheap discount prices.
We make it easy and affordable for you to buy the strongest and best handheld electric taser for you and have the home and personal self defense weapon you need. If you have any questions about any of the x26, c2 electric taser guns, batteries or cartridges our online store has for sale please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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