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For college students learning about campus safety and self-protection should be a key component of your learning experience and here's why.
Statistics show us that 40% or more of all college-age women are sexually assaulted while they are in school. Even scarier than that is the fact that only one out of every ten assaults on campus is even reported. Why? Many factors include intimidation by fellow students or administration officials; the fear factor of being ostracized as a troublemaker; shame and other factors.

Another unforgiveable statistic shows 90% of all rape victims know their attacker because they are classmates in school. This is how the term "date rape" got started on college campuses.
Did you know more sexual assaults occur doing big social weekends like homecoming and fraternity or sorority parties where alcohol flows freely and drugs are readily available! Be especially on guard during these times.
An important part of college life is the socialization process like going to sorority parties, learning new things, meeting new people, especially the young freshman women who are particularly eager to fit in. Upper classmen who know the ropes see freshman women as prime targets for their predatory advances and use alcohol or drug abuse as a tool to aid in their quest for dominance over a woman. An inordinate number of sexual assaults and rape victims see alcohol or drugs abuse as a major component.

Here are some tips for men and women to avoid getting assaulted while in college:
  1. Develop a sense of awareness of your surroundings. A lot of women think that sexual assaults only occur off-campus. As we have seen, that is not true. Rape victims know their attackers and frequently are victims of "date rape."
  2. Use the "buddy system" whenever possible. Have a trusted friend watch your back, especially at social events like sorority parties. It is a two-way street so you can watch her back too. There is strength in numbers. The buddy system can be a simple effective way to avoid assault
  3. Have a strategy that is based on some basic self-defense techniques and using a self-defense product that can disable an assailant should you be assaulted. When faced with an assault situation and the words "no" or "stop" don't work, a knee to the groin or a spray in the face with a self-defense product like a pepper spray can prevent an ugly situation from turning worst
  4. Trust your instincts. Women especially have gut feelings where the hair on the back of their neck stands on end as a warning signal. Learn to trust them and avoid dangerous situations and/or people. It is much better to look foolish for a few minutes than be a victim for the rest of your life.
Parents of high schools seniors who are getting ready to go to college in the fall can do their kids a huge favor and make mom and dad feel better too. Enroll them in some self-defense courses, get them some self-defense products such as pepper sprays and get some home security products for their room. This will improve their personal security and personal protection and make you feel better knowing they are safer

Self Defense Products are easily carried in a purse, pocket, and backpack or as a keychain attachment for use but keep them out and ready for use wherever you go.

In short campus safety should be one of the first things you learn when you get to your new school. Follow these college campus safety tips, purchase personal self-defense products and home self-defense products that can easily be carried in purse, pockets and backpacks and your own self-protection will be greatly enhanced. Don't let an assailant get the better of you.

“Below are the most popular products being selected and purchased for campus use. Should you not see what you are searching for please go to the Products Section and click on the category that most interests you for our full line of products in that category.”

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#9D - Pepper Pen#9D - Pepper PenDesigned to repel attackers, this powerful pepper formula is contained inside a handy pen-like unit.
1/2 oz. Perfume Shaped 15% Pepper Spray - Pink Heart1/2 oz. Perfume Shaped 15% Pepper Spray - Pink HeartCrime Halter 15% pepper spray 1/2 oz. perfume bottle style unit
911 Horn: Personal Safety Alarm911 Horn: Personal Safety AlarmPersonal Protection Alarm - Ear piercing alarm that can be heard from 1/2 mile or more away.
Aphrodite Concealed Carry Purse BlackAphrodite Concealed Carry Purse BlackCameleon Aphrodite Carry and Conceal Purse Color Black.
AR500 Level III Pack ArmorAR500 Level III Pack ArmorLevel lll Armor Compatible with Most Backpacks Offers Security Protection for Students and Everyday Life.
Arizona Tea Diversion SafeArizona Tea Diversion SafeArizona Tea Can that Is Hollow Stash Diversion Safe Inside.
Aya Concealed Carry Black PurseAya Concealed Carry Black PurseCameleon Aya Black Carry and Concal Designer Purse.
Aztec Concealed Carry Blue PurseAztec Concealed Carry Blue PurseCameleon Blue Aztec Style Conceal Carry Purse.
Aztec Concealed Carry Brown PurseAztec Concealed Carry Brown PurseCameleon Conceal Carry Aztec Brown Purse.
Black Lipstick Stun Gun with FlashlightBlack Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight
  Looks Just Like Lipstick: Easy to carry, Includes Flashlight, Rechargeable battery, Colors avail include Black, Pink and Purple!
Black Perfume Protector Stun Gun and Pepper Spray KitBlack Perfume Protector Stun Gun and Pepper Spray KitDouble Protection the Perfume Protector Stun Gun and Black Hard-case Key-chain Pepper Spray. Excellent Security Protection for Yourself or Gift for Family - Friends - Colleagues and More.
Black Purse Wallet Holster with Security OptionsBlack Purse Wallet Holster with Security OptionsExclusive Offer Sold and Avail Here Only! The Black Purse Wallet Holster with Several Self Defense and Security Product Add-on Options that Makes A Great Gift for Family - Friends and Colleagues that Will Leave A Lasting Positive Impression You Care!
Black Purse Wallet Holster with Security OptionsBlack Purse Wallet Holster with Security OptionsExclusive Offer Sold and Avail Here Only! The Black Purse Wallet Holster with Several Self Defense and Security Product Add-on Options that Makes A Great Gift for Family - Friends and Colleagues that Will Leave A Lasting Positive Impression You Care!
Black Talon Stun Gun and FlashlightBlack Talon Stun Gun and FlashlightTalon Mini Stun Gun the Perfect Security Solution for Runners, Joggers, Outdoors and Everyday Self Defense.
Brutus Pink and BlueBrutus Pink and BlueExclusive Offer Best On-Line Price Brutus Pink n Blue His and Hers Self Defense Keychains Limited Offer While they Last
Bulletproof BullentinboardBulletproof BullentinboardLevel IIIA Bulletproof Desk or Wall Calendar Includes Grip Straps If Ever Needed.
Coco Concealed Carry Purse: BlackCoco Concealed Carry Purse: BlackCoco Concealed Carry Purse Handbag.
Credit Card Foldable KnifeCredit Card Foldable KnifeUltra Thin Credit Card Knife (see our bonus offer).
CS1 - Lipstick Pepper SprayCS1 - Lipstick Pepper SprayIf he decides to make you feel uncomfortable or afraid, calmly reach into your purse or pocket, pull out what looks like your lipstick, remove the top and spray him right in the face.
CS2 Lipstick Stun Gun with FlashlightCS2 Lipstick Stun Gun with FlashlightRechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight has developed into a popular highly requested self defense product
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