Covertly set up Audio and Video Surveillance to get Real Evidence with Adult Spy Equipment. At our Online Store you can Buy Top Rated Professional Spy Gear including High Tech Electronic Gadgets with Hidden Cameras, Listening Devices, DVRs and other Covert Products for Sale at Cheap Discount Prices.

In today’s world it is not what you know it is what you can prove. Simply knowing something does not give us the real evidence we need. Being able to catch someone in the act or having products that record them either audibly or visually gives us the undeniable evidence we need. However, when adults know they are under surveillance they are not going to say or do anything incriminating. No adult is going to do something wrong when they know someone is watching or listening. We need to have products that covertly have them under electronic audio or video surveillance without them knowing.
In today’s high tech electronic age professional adult spy gear including gadgets with hidden cameras and or audio listening devices with DVR and other covert surveillance equipment has gotten smaller, more effective, cheaper and easier to buy than ever before. High tech hidden spy gear provides the covert surveillance equipment you need to get real audio and video tape evidence or directly catch someone in the act when they think no one listening or watching.  
There is a variety of adult spy products for sale that will allow you to covertly get the real audio or video evidence you need. Depending on whether the person you are spying on knows you and what type of audio or video evidence you need determines what electronic spy gadgets are best for your needs. No matter what your situation is though whether you a professional who needs hidden cameras and other covert surveillance equipment for work or you a normal citizen who needs to know what is going on the best high tech spy gear makes the job easy.
At our online store we offer the best most high tech and professional real spy gear for sale cheap discount prices. Whether you are looking for a hidden camera with DVR, an electronic listening device, audio recorder or other covert surveillance gadget we have the best top rated adult spy equipment for the job. Being an online store we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of brick and mortar spy gear and electronic surveillance stores. These savings allow us to offer the best most high tech spy equipment and other covert products for sale at cheap discount prices.
If you have any questions about any of the hidden cameras with DVR, listening devices, audio recording gadgets or any of the other top rated professional spy gear we have for sale please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you. 
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Bug Detector with Strength MeterBug Detector with Strength MeterHigh quality hand held bug detector great for detecting wireless audio/video products.  Built-in signal strength meter and sensitivity control. Full detection range from 1 MHz to 3 GHz.
Covert USB Audio Recorder(2GB)Covert USB Audio Recorder(2GB)  The Covert USB Audio Recorder (2GB) can perform two functions: it can be a USB flash drive, with 2GB of internal memory, or a discrete audio recorder, that can record up to 40 hours.
Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder With MP3 Player FunctionDigital Voice/Telephone Recorder With MP3 Player FunctionThere are many reasons why conversations may need to be recorded, and using the latest technology will allow users to do so with convenience and speed.
Digital Wireless Camera DVRDigital Wireless Camera DVRThis digital wireless DVR with a quad function to display up to 4 channels. This DVR can be used for watching children and elders, monitoring your residence, office, store, or factory.
Frequency Detector with Strength MeterFrequency Detector with Strength MeterThis detector has the latest technology in hand-held radio frequency detection. Built-in signal strength meter lets you know when your  LCD screen displays actual frequency that is being detected.
Spy Car Remote DVR (4GB)Spy Car Remote DVR (4GB)It may look like a car remote, but hidden inside it is a 30 FPS 720x480 DVR and 1280x1024  (1.2MP) camera.
Spy Sunglasses DVR (4GB)Spy Sunglasses DVR (4GB)These light-weight and stylish sunglasses actually contain an integrated, hidden DVR that records audio and video with a resolution of 640x480 at 30 frames per second.
Spy Thumbsize DVR with voice activation (4GB)Spy Thumbsize DVR with voice activation (4GB)At only 2 and one-quarter inches by three-quarters of an inch, the thumb-size DVR is a portable and convenient way to record video (with audio) or it can be used as a live web cam.
Spy Watch DVRSpy Watch DVRDesigned to look and function like an ordinary wrist watch, this spy watch is also a DVR.  Several different recording options are available-still photographs, voice recording, and video recording with audio.
Streetwise Block Charger Hidden Camera DVRStreetwise Block Charger Hidden Camera DVRFull Functional  Block Charger with Hidden Camera DVR Inside Records HD1080p includes 8GB SD Card and Can Upgrade to 32GB Card While Nobody Will Ever Know Inside Hidden Spy Camera
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