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In keeping with the tradition of innovation and excellence that AR500 Armor® is known for, AR500 Armor®, a proud member of the Armored Republic, is happy to announce the release of our new Targets by AR500 Armor®. AR500 Armor® now offers consumers access to the best AR500 Armor® Steel Targets made of quality ½” American steel. All of the Targets by AR500 Armor® are manufactured in the USA and meet strict quality control guidelines.

We offer a wide variety of steel targets in various shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for targets shaped like gongs, silhouette targets, or something a little different, all of our steel targets are rated to handle even the heaviest of rifle calibers. Our steel targets are the perfect combination of style and function. Their original designs will bring a new level of challenge and enjoyment to your shooting experience through their unique shapes and form.

Targets by AR500 Armor® are rated for use with most common pistol calibers at a distance of no less than 7 meters and most common rifle calibers at a distance of 50 meters. We strongly discourage the use of steel core ammunition. As always, be safe out there, always be situation aware, and understand that spall and frag are always a danger with uncoated ballistic steel targets. Respect your distances and your aim points.

All of our uniquely designed steel plate shooting targets feature quality American craftsmanship making them durable, yet affordable for individuals. Order your AR500 Armor® Steel Plate Targets today.

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Hanging Target Stand KitHanging Target Stand KitThe Hanging Target Stand Kit Custom Affordable and Easy to Assemble Capable of Supporting the Weight of Multiple Targets!
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