Learn to Protect Yourself and Others from Would Be Attackers Regardless of their Size with Self Defense Survival Training Videos. Our Online Personal Protection Store offers Self Defense Training DVD Videos Featuring some of the World’s Best Modern Urban Combat Experts.

Hopefully you are never in a position to have to physically defend yourself or people you love from would be attackers. However, unfortunately we live in violent world were crimes against person such as muggings, robbery and rape happen daily. This is why as a man or woman you have a responsibility to yourself and the people you love to have the physical tools and personal self defense training you need to survive in combat situations. There are many different self defense training courses out there for both men and woman. These urban combat classes however, are not taught by the best self defense instructors and are extremely expensive. Plus once the training course is over that is it. You have to remember the self defense combat training on your own.
Purchasing a modern self defense training video allows you to watch the DVD over and over again as well as pause and rewind so you can perfect the moves. These modern urban combat training videos are taught by some of the world’s best self defense instructors. Ex-Navy seals, top body guards and other elite urban combat experts.  Unlike modern combat training courses you have to pay for each time you go you only have to buy the self defense video once and can watch the DVD over and over again. The best self defense training videos save you money, are taught by the best of the best and allow you to perfect the modern personal protection moves you need to survive urban combat situations and stop would be attackers no matter their size.  
At our personal protection store we offer the best self defense training videos. Our combat training DVDs feature only the world’s best instructors including Ex Navy Seals, elite body guards and some of the world’s best martial arts experts. Modern self defense training you would not be able to get in a local urban combat training class. We have a variety of different videos so no matter what type of combat or self defense training you are looking we have the perfect DVD for you. Regardless of the DVD you choose all our self defense videos provide the combat training you need to survive and stop attackers of all sizes.
 Being an online based personal protection store we do not have the overhead of traditional brick and mortar stores. These savings allow us to offer these self defense training DVDs at sale prices unmatched by other on or offline stores. If you have any questions about any of our modern urban combat training videos please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you. 
Delta SealCamp DVD seriesDelta SealCamp DVD seriesDELTA SEAL CAMP - This is a series of elite combat courses that were hosted by actual Navy SEAL and real U.S. Army DELTA veteran trainers.
Fast and Furious Street Smarts DVD - Jacov BresslerFast and Furious Street Smarts DVD - Jacov BresslerJACOV BRESSLER Jacov began his training at age 16 with an Argentinian master instructor who is a direct disciple of legendary Okinawan Karate master Gogen Yamaguchi's Son.
Indian Fighting Skills DVD - Randall BrownIndian Fighting Skills DVD - Randall BrownINDIAN FIGHTING SKILLS - There's not an ounce of "Asian Martial Arts" to this system. This is nothing but pure, distilled, untouched "Plains Indian" fighting techniques.
Unarmed Combat Course DVD - Frank CucciUnarmed Combat Course DVD - Frank CucciRANK CUCCI - Spent 12 years as a Navy SEAL (including four years in SEAL Team Six), the most elite division in the SEALS...the guys who always get the juiciest and toughest assignments.
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