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Safety Never HurtsWe All Need Personal Self Defense

When you hear the phrase self-defense what are the first thoughts and images that come to mind? Is it a gun? What about self defense products such as a Taser, Stun Gun or Pepper Spray? Others may imagine a person with a black belt defending themselves or have visions of learning self defense techniques through instruction.

Self-defense is certainly not just about fighting or fancy moves. Good self-defense and self-protection is about applying common sense crime prevention advice to your life. Good self-defense is taking steps to minimize the risk of harm coming to both yourself, your family and your property. These steps usually include; learning some form of self-defense technique. For many it is also purchasing and carrying some form of self defense product. Other options include installing burglar alarms to your homes and business.

Conclusion is we all need self defense. Our store is committed to your personal protection and our goal is to provide the best self defense options available. Whether you are looking to purchase a self defense product from us or searching for other methods to best protect yourself, we are ready to partner with you to achieve your goal!

Please take some time to review options available including the vast amount of self defense products offered in our store. Afterwards, select which option best meets your needs.

Self Defense Weapons

Self Defense Weapons

Stun GunsStun guns fall into the category of non-lethal weapons - they can incapacitate a person without causing permanent damage. Effective personal protection.
Pepper SprayPepper spray for personal safety and self defense. The popularity of pepper spray or self defense spray has grown with popularity.
TASERĀ® TASERĀ® is an electrical self-defense weapon that uses high voltage to stop an attacker from a distance. Highly effective self protection while keeping your distance.
Mace Pepper SprayMace pepper spray for men and women's self defense. Mace spray either contains OC Pepper, Tear Gas or both. Mace is made in the USA.
Personal ProtectionSecurity products and protection devices for complete self defense of your home, family and personal safety. Decrease your odds of being a victim of crime .
Animal RepellentsAnimal repellents are used for preventing confrontations with animals such as canines or bears. These safe and effective repellents will help keep you safe.
Home ProtectionHome protection and home security products are sure to ease your mind when you need extra safety for your home.
Divsersion SafesHide your valuables where burglars won't even look. Right in the open! Variety of look-a-like containers to choose from that are designed to look like every day ordinary household products.
Surveillance SystemsInvest In Your Security - Surveillance systems in the past were only used by the government and private investigators.
Survival Package OptionsDuring any type of disaster when survival packages are essential, personal self defense is most vulnerable.
Self Defense Classes

Self Defense Classes

Self Defense Central - Realistic and Effective Self Defense... Starting Today! The Ultimate Self Defense Resource
Strategic Living - http://www.StrategicLiving.orgStrategic offers classes for Women's self defense throughout the Seattle area. >
Tomahawk Self Defense - Self Defense teaches a simple to learn, easy to retain, and VERY effective form of self protection (many refer to self defense, but there is a difference).
Alternative Self Defense Options

Alternative Self Defense Options

What Real Self Defense - self-defense is first of all about avoiding being assaulted - must see alternative self defense product
Self Defense DVD Videos

Self Defense DVD Videos

In a reflection of today’s growing concern about self-defense and family protection, the self-defense video category boasts more videos than any other. Apart from videos demonstrating self-defense techniques derived from various martial arts, the new wave of personal-protection videos comes via pioneers in reality-based martial arts.

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