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Men and Women Get the Protection You Need to Stop Would Be Attackers by Purchasing Small, Hand Held, Easy to Carry and Extremely Effective OC Pepper Spray. At our Self Defense Store you can Buy Strong OC Pepper Spray used by Law Enforcement on Sale at Cheap Discount Prices.

Everyday people are unfortunately attacked. Whether a robbery, rape or mugging it can happen to any of us men and women alike.  This is why it is so important to buy a non lethal self defense weapon that can stop would be attackers. There are many self defense weapons for sale to choose from. Because attacks happen quickly and out of nowhere it is best to have a self defense weapon that is hand held, strong, and easy to carry so it can be quickly and easily used at a moment’s notice. Hand held OC pepper spray is very strong, relatively cheap, easy to carry and easy to use making it one of the best non-lethal self defense weapons you can buy. Pepper spray is great for both men and women and is so strong and effective that it is often used by police and law enforcement.

Pepper spray, also known as OC spray (from "Oleoresin Capsicum"), OC gas, and capsicum spray, is a chemical compound that irritates the eyes causing tears, extreme pain, and temporary blindness as well as a runny nose, and coughing allowing you an opportunity to escape.  The effects of the best self defense OC pepper sprays are immediate and while the duration of its effects depend on the strength of the OC pepper spray you buy, the average full effect lasts around thirty to forty-five minutes. With diminished effects lasting for hours.  Pepper spray is very simple to use. Simply point it at your attacker and push down. The spray is fairly wide so as long as you aim in the direction of your would be attacker’s face it will be immediately effective. The best OC self defense pepper sprays for sale while being extremely strong and effective are relatively cheap to buy. They are also small, hand held and easy to carry in a purse or pocket. This is why pepper spray so widely used by law enforcement and men or women looking to purchase a strong self defense weapon.  

Here, we offer a great selection of the best and strongest self defense OC pepper sprays for men and women. All of pepper sprays you can buy here are hand held and easy to carry. Many of the pepper sprays we have for sale are the same strength as the brands carried by police officers and other law enforcement agents. Because we are an online based self defense products and security store we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional businesses. These savings allow us to offer the very best and strongest pepper sprays for sale at cheap discount prices. Whether you are a man or woman we make it easy and affordable for you to buy the strong easy to carry OC pepper spray you need to be safe.

Shipping Restrictions: State Restrictions apply for Pepper Sprays for the following areas:
New York
Washington DC. 

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