The PAWS Pepper SprayDog Leash
The PAWS Pepper SprayDog Leash
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The PAWS Pepper Spray Dog Leash

New security protection available on line is the PAWS retractable dog leash that includes built inot the housing is potent and powerful pepper spray form Eliminator.

Never before has such security protection been offered for both you and our beloved dogs and pets. Before this self defense option became available it was necessary to have the saem level of protection you had to carry your peper spary separetely. The draw-backs were remebring to bring it with you and if needed fumbling with it to get it put of your pockets or bags for use. Whiled doing so many times it was too late and the attack happened resulting in injusires to you and out pet or even worst.

Now no worries if you purcahses and carry PAWS. All of these issues are no longer a probelm. Whe you get the leash the pepper spray is part of the leash so no forgetting to bring the pepper spray. And most importantly, should a risk of attack or asssault be immenent, your security protection is rady to go at a short ntoice.

Enough said. Get the self defense security protection your dogs and pets deserve today. PAWS might also save you from injury or worst too.

Retractable Dog and Pet Leash
For use up to 70 lbs (34 kg)
Includes Powerful Eliminator Pepper Spray
Easy To Change Pepper Spray Canister
Keyring For Your House Key
Quick Response Time Pepper Spray

Protect both yourself and your Pets effectively today

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