Key-chain Pepper Spray

Key-chain Pepper Spray is effective self defense protection, especially when away from home. Attach the Pepper Spray to one of your keys, preferably your car or home key to ensure when away, you will always have your personal security protection with you. 

The world we share with others has never be more unsafe then ever these days. Danger is wide-spread and even if you never are confronted, assaulted or worse, always best to be prepared at all times. Key-chain Pepper Spray will also give you Peace of Mind.

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12 PS-1A Mixed Colors Display12 PS-1A Mixed Colors DisplayDisplay Mixed Colors Hard Case Pepper Shot 10% OC Spray with Keychain includes Great Return on Investment
Lab Certified Streetwise Pepper Spray Soft Holster Case of 125Lab Certified Streetwise Pepper Spray Soft Holster Case of 125Mixed Colors Streetwise Security Pepper Spray 18% OC Soft Holster with Keychain Case of 125 Well Designed Individual Sealed Packages.
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