HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System
HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System
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HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System


Home intrusions are being reported on a regular basis these days. Criminals committing these crimes are desperate! They have no respect for our homes or the law! Unfortunately, many of these home intrusions result in murder. The Home Safe Wireless Home Security System is an affordable solution to your home or office security needs.

Product Description

This easy to operate security system will sound an alarm and dial up to 5 preset phone numbers to let you know motion has been detected or a door or a window has been opened in your home. A land line with tone dialing is required.


1. When the door/window sensor or motion detector is triggered, it sounds an alarm and sends a signal to the base unit.

2. The base unit dials the first telephone number of your programmed list.

3. The person answering the call will hear a prerecorded alert message.

4. That person will have the option to listen in on the room, broadcast their voice through the base unit, or disarm the system.

5. If there is no answer, or if the person doesn't disarm the system, it will dial the next number on your programmed list. Includes 1 base unit with AC adaptor, 1 window/door sensor (wireless transmission up to 250 feet), 1 motion detector (range 8 yards) and 1 remote control with panic feature for arming and disarming the unit.

Dimensions: 6.5"x4"x1 3/8"

Add On Options: Add additional motion sensors to cover more rooms and outdoors such as door entries, loud outdoor siren and even barking dog alarm.

SKU: HA-SIRENHomeSafe Wireless Outdoor Siren 

The Wireless Outdoor Siren has a 120db high output alarm. It has 3 alarm functions siren + signal light, signal light only, siren only, delay timer 0-10s. It can be used as a siren alarm with the HA-SYSTEM.

The Siren can also be used as a stand-alone siren by connecting up to 8 additional sensors, HA-MOTION, HA-SENSOR, HA-MOTION-OD. 

To use as a stand alone system you will need to purchase an (HA-REMOTE) to arm and disarm the siren.  Once one of these sensors detects motion it will sound the alarm. 

The siren has an automatic shut off. Every 30 seconds the alarm will turn on and off once the alarm is triggered until its reset. The siren comes with power adaptor and wall mount. It will work with 4 AAA batteries (not included).

SKU: HA-MOTION HomeSafe Wireless Indoor Home Security Motion Sensor

This HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor can detect motion from up to 8 meters away and has 110 degree motion detection angle. 

It has a wireless radio frequency range of 300 feet. When triggered the RF signal activates the alarm. Uses one 9-volt battery (not included). 

Easily protect every window and door of your home.

SKU: SKU: EWD-1 Electronic Barking Dog Alarm

This multifunctional BARKING DOG ALARM system uses an electronic radar-wave sense control. This technology allows it to "see" through wood, cement, brick, glass, etc. When an intruder enters the guarded area, it automatically begins barking like an angry dog.

From outside, it sounds like you have a very unfriendly dog inside. It also can announce visitors with a chime or alarm. 

The radar sensitivity is adjustable from 10-20 feet. Volume is also adjustable. Stands 9 inches tall. Powered by AC power supply. Also takes 8 AA back-up batteries (not included) in case of power loss. 

Unit needs to face in the direction you want to detect motion. Detection is limited from the sides and rear.

The included remote control lets you Arm and Disarm the system, as well as set off a Panic alarm.You can also connect additional sensors (HA-MOTION, HA-MOTION-OD or HA-SENSOR). 

Can add up to 16 additional sensors to monitor larger areas. This simply means you can moniotr motion detection up to 16 different areas. Does require one sensor per area (HA-MOTION, HA-MOTION-OD or HA-SENSOR). 

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