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Electronic Barking Dog AlarmElectronic Barking Dog AlarmBarking dog alarm senses intruder within 15 feet and barks like a vicious dog!
HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security SystemHomeSafe® Wireless Home Security SystemA wireless home security system offers reliable home and office protection. Will sound an alarm and dial up to 5 preset phone numbers.
Pool ProtectorPool ProtectorThe Pool Protector is an electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds an alarm when children or pets fall into your unsupervised pool.
Quick Vent Safe with RFIDQuick Vent Safe with RFID
New on-line the QuickVent Safe with RFID locking system is the safest place to hide and secure weapons, money, jewelry, etc. It looks just like an HVAC vent so it blends in on any wall, effectively hiding your valuables in plain sight.
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