#1 UZI Handcuffs - Silver#1 UZI Handcuffs - Silver
#2 Smith & Wesson Hinged Handcuffs - Nickel#2 Smith & Wesson Hinged Handcuffs - Nickel
#3 Double Locking Nickel Plated Handcuffs#3 Double Locking Nickel Plated HandcuffsSturdy and dependable nickel plated double locking steel hand cuffs have welded chain links.
#4 S&W Handcuffs Nickel Plated#4 S&W Handcuffs Nickel PlatedSmith & Wesson double locking hand cuffs made of heat-treated carbon steel.
#5 Double Lock Stainless Steel Hinged Handcuffs Silver#5 Double Lock Stainless Steel Hinged Handcuffs Silver
#6 Double Locking Black Hinged Handuff#6 Double Locking Black Hinged Handuff
#7 UZI Handcuffs - Black#7 UZI Handcuffs - BlackUZI double locking handcuffs. Available with a black or silver. Uses a standard handcuff key. UZI Logo is engraved on the handcuff.
#8 UZI Professional Series Handcuffs - Black#8 UZI Professional Series Handcuffs - BlackStronger, thicker, and heavier the UZI Professional Series handcuff is designed for police use.
#9 Pink Double Locking Handcuffs#9 Pink Double Locking Handcuffs
#9A Double Locking Handcuffs - Pink#9A Double Locking Handcuffs - PinkSturdy and dependable pink double locking steel hand cuffs have welded chain links.
#9B Leather Handcuff Case5.5" x 4.5"#9B Leather Handcuff Case5.5" x 4.5"
#9C Nylon Handcuff Case#9C Nylon Handcuff Case
5ive Star Covert Handcuff Key5ive Star Covert Handcuff Key5ive Star Durable Covert Universal Handcuff Key.
Heat Treated Hinged Stainless Steel HandcuffHeat Treated Hinged Stainless Steel HandcuffThese pair of hinged handcuffs by Cittin Edge Police Force will provide you with a high level of restraint and control.
Multi Purpose HolsterMulti Purpose HolsterMulti Purpose Holster Includes Sting Ring Stun Gun and Handcuffs.
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