Have the Light You Need to See and Have a Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon all in one Security Product with a Flashlight Zap Gun. We offer Battery Operated and Rechargeable Flashlight Stun Guns from Guard Dog  Diablo, Police Force and other Top Rated Manufactures.

#1 - SM 2.5M VOLT STUN GUN#1 - SM 2.5M VOLT STUN GUNThis Flashlight Stun Gun is one of the Top Sellers!
Barbarian 9,000,000 Stun Baton FlashlightBarbarian 9,000,000 Stun Baton Flashlight Powerful Stun Baton
Military Grade Aluminum Alloy
Triple Stun Technology
Long Reach
3 Light Modes
BashLite 15,000,000 volt Stun Gun FlashlightBashLite 15,000,000 volt Stun Gun FlashlightNew - Bashlite 15 Mil Volt Stun Gun Flashlight.
Black Lipstick Stun Gun with FlashlightBlack Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight
  Looks Just Like Lipstick: Easy to carry, Includes Flashlight, Rechargeable battery, Colors avail include Black, Pink and Purple!
Camo BashLite Stun Gun FlashlightCamo BashLite Stun Gun FlashlightSafety Technology Camo Bashlite Stun Gun Flashlight.
Diablo [Military Edition] - 160 Lumen Tactical FlashlightDiablo [Military Edition] - 160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight  World's Most Popular Stun Gun: Authentic tree camouflage, Blinding 160 lumen light, 3 Light functions, Powerful 4,500.000 volts, Effective for both tactical and security purposes!

Gold ZForce Stun Gun Zoomable FlashlightGold ZForce Stun Gun Zoomable FlashlightOne of A Kind Zoomable Stun Gun Flashlight.
Guard Dog Diablo - 160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight + 4500 Stun GunGuard Dog Diablo - 160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight + 4500 Stun GunThe Diablo tactical stun gun flashlight shines a blinding 160 lumen light to illuminate far and bright, yet also effective for self defense purposes.
Guard Dog EscortGuard Dog EscortThe Escort tactical stun gun flashlight is both powerful and durable. Made of some of the toughest materials while offering the personal protection you need for life.
Guard Dog Katana Stun GunGuard Dog Katana Stun GunGuard Dog High Voltage Concealed Stun Technology Pyrm 1 Edition Avail Four Colors.
Guard Dog Knightro - ClubberGuard Dog Knightro - ClubberDeveloped for personal self defense this powerful stun gun baton with flashlight is both powerful and durable lasting a lifetime.
Guard Dog Titan – Metal Baton & Tactical FlashlightGuard Dog Titan – Metal Baton & Tactical Flashlight Powerful Tactical Flashlight Baton
260 Lumens
Metal Alluminum Alloy
Glow In The Dark Push Button
Much More
Heavy Hitter Aluminum Bat FlashlightHeavy Hitter Aluminum Bat Flashlight  Heavy hitter flashlight protection for you: Bright 200 lumens, 3 position light max, half and strobe for self defense, High grade aluminum bat, Impact resistant.

Inferno – 6.000,000 4-Pronged Flashlight Stun GunInferno – 6.000,000 4-Pronged Flashlight Stun GunThe Inferno Stun Gun flashlight features a full rubberized non-slip grip body to ensure a soft and safe grip when using it as a household flashlight.
Jolt 15,000,000 Police Tactical Stun FlashlightJolt 15,000,000 Police Tactical Stun FlashlightThe JOLT Police 15,000,000* Tactical Stun Flashlight is made of military grade aluminum alloy and packs the stun and flashlight power
Jolt 75 Million Volts Police Tactical Stun FlashlightJolt 75 Million Volts Police Tactical Stun FlashlightNew Sold On Line the Jolt 75 Million Volt Police Stun Gun Flashlight Made of Military Alloy and Less then Six Inches Total Length.
Jolt Police 40,000,000 Tactical FlashlightJolt Police 40,000,000 Tactical FlashlightExcellent secuirty stun gun option with 40 million volts of power.
Jolt Police 45,000,000 Tactical FlashlightJolt Police 45,000,000 Tactical FlashlightOne of our most powerful stun gun flashlights with 45 million volts.
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When investigating a strange noise at night you need to be able to see is for obvious reasons and is why having a flashlight is a good idea. However, if there is an intruder you need to not just be able to see them you also need to be able to protect yourself with a non-lethal weapon. Flashlight stun guns are a great self defense choice. They combine a tactical flashlight with a high powered electric zap gun. This allows you to see what you are investigating and be able to defend yourself with one device.

Quality flashlight stun guns from manufactures such as Guard Dog Diablo and Police Force can also be used as a striking weapon if needed and are just as powerful as other zap guns. Once zapped the intruder or attacker will be shocked with a high enough voltage for them to lose control of their body without killing them, giving you the time you need to be to escape and call the police while being able to see. Flashlight stun guns run on either regular disposable batteries or have their own rechargeable battery.  Both battery operated and rechargeable flashlight zap guns are powerful self defense weapons that provide light you need to see.  

When purchasing a battery operated or rechargeable flashlight stun gun the most important things are that it provides a bright light and enough electricity to stop would be attackers. When it comes to your safety and security quality is everything. Brands such as Guard Dog Diablo and Police Force make some of the best flashlight zap guns. Guard Dog Diablo, Police Force and other top rated brands manufacture tactical flashlight zap guns that are durable, will last and can be used as a striking weapon while providing a bright light and high voltage stun. They are some of the best and most practical non-lethal self defense weapons you can buy.

At our online self defense and home security store we offer the best battery operated and rechargeable flashlight zap guns from the industries top manufactures. We carry Guard Dog Diablo, Police Force and other top rated brands only. All of the non-lethal flashlight stun guns we offer are durable, made to last, provide a bright light and high powered zap of electricity that will leave your would be attacker or intruder wishing he had never messed with you or your home. Being an online based non-lethal weapons and security products store we not have the expensive overhead of other self defense and security products stores. These savings allow us to offer the best Guard Dog Diablo, Police Force and other top rated flashlight zap guns at everyday cheap discount prices. If you have any questions about any other battery operated or rechargeable flashlight stun guns we have for sale please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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