Have the Survival Supplies you need and the means to Protect them Buying a Disaster Preparedness Kit for Sale with a Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon. We offer the Best Backpack Emergency Preparedness Kits with your choice of Legal Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon for Safety, Security Personal Protection and Peace of Mind.


No matter where you live there are natural disasters and other emergencies that have, and at some point will again occur. OSHA and Red Cross recommend that every home has a disaster preparedness kit with food, first aid supplies and other emergency gear needed to survive for at least 72 hours. 72 hours is how long the disaster experts at Red Cross and OSHA have determined it may take in the event of serious natural disasters for emergency cures to be able to get you or for access to medical supplies, food and water and other essentials to be restored. Buying the best easy to carry 72 hour disaster preparedness backpack kit for sale with the necessary survival gear will give you piece of mind knowing you have the supplies you need in case of emergencies and natural disasters. Hopefully you will never need your 72 hour emergency preparedness kit, but you will be happy you have it if you ever do. Unfortunately, however something most people do not think about when planning for disasters and emergency situations are other people and the need for a legal non-lethal self defense weapon to provide safety, security and personal protection.   

Ideally everyone is responsible, plans accordingly and has the emergency supplies they need to survive. This though is simply not the case. The numbers vary from one study to the next, but the fact is the vast majority of Americans are not prepared for emergencies and disasters in which they may be cut off from help and supplies for up to 72 hours.  According to FEMA at least 70% of Americans have absolutely no plan or supplies what so ever. In serious emergency situations people that are unprepared, scared and hungry quickly become desperate and dangerous. If you do not have a self defense weapon to provide safety, security and personal protection your emergency supplies and survival gear can quickly become theirs. This is why it is so important that your portable disaster preparedness kit also includes an effective, easy to use and carry self defense weapon to protect yourself, your family and your supplies. 
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1 Person Elite 72 Hour Survival Kit Wheel Bag1 Person Elite 72 Hour Survival Kit Wheel Bag
Self Defense Survival KitSelf Defense Survival KitPre-assembled emergency survival backpack kits with your choice of legal non-lethal self defense weapon.
Survival Self Defense Bulletptoof BackpackSurvival Self Defense Bulletptoof BackpackEmergency survival supplies kit packed within a bulletproof backpack that offers the protection you need.
When deciding on the best disaster preparedness kit and non-lethal self defense weapon for you it is a good idea to purchase a premade portable72 hour emergency backpack kit with all the Red Cross and OSHA recommended survival supplies. Buying a premade portable emergency backpack kit  for sale instead of individual supplies will often save you money and ensures you have all the food, first aid, and other disaster preparedness gear you need to survive. When putting together your own emergency kit it is very easy to forget critical supplies. Also, by purchasing a portable premade72 hour backpack kit, it makes it easy to quickly grab your disaster preparedness supplies and self defense weapon, if you need to get out of your house quickly. While having a non lethal weapon with your survival supplies for safety, security and personal protection during emergencies may seem like common sense, until now there have never been premade disaster preparedness kits for sale that come with self defense weapons. 

In this section of our online disaster preparedness, security and self defense products store we are proud to offer the best 72 emergency backpack kits with OSHA and Red Cross recommended survival gear, and the powerful non-lethal weapon you need to protect it. As far as we know we are the first and only online store to offer emergency preparedness kits that come with a non-lethal self defense weapon. Each 72 hour disaster kit for sale comes in an easy to carry portable backpack that is extremely durable and provides your supplies with protection from the elements. They also come with all the best Red Cross and OSHA recommended emergency gear and disaster preparedness supplies you need to survive. As well as powerful non-lethal self defense weapon you need for personal protection, security and peace of mind. 

After choosing which emergency kit is best for you and the types of disasters you may face you are able to choose from a variety of equally powerful and easy to carry non-lethal self defense weapons. The self defense weapon you choose will be added to your backpack emergency kit with the rest of the Red Cross and OSHA recommended survival gear and shipped to your front door. We make it easy and affordable for you to have peace of mind knowing you have the supplies you need to survive natural disasters and other emergencies as well as have the non-lethal self defense weapon you need to provide personal protection, safety and security. If you have any questions or need any help deciding which disaster preparedness kit or legal non-lethal weapon is best for you please let us know and we will be more than happy to help you. 
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