Diversion Safes

Hide Money, Jewelry and other Unique or Cool Personal Valuables inside the Home Buying an Inexpensive and Secure Residential Diversion Safe. We offer the Best Secret, Hidden Security Safes Disguised as everyday Household Items perfect for Cash or other Small Valuables for Sale at Cheap Discount Prices

You of course hope that your cash, jewelry and other valuables are safe and secure while in your home. Unfortunately residential burglary is extremely common in the United States.  This is why having extra cash, jewelry and other valuables in a small home security safe is a great idea. Personal safes are an inexpensive and effective means of providing additional security for your valuables. However, regular residential security safes cannot be disguised very well and are a dead giveaway that something of value is inside. This makes them targeted by thieves. Traditional residential safes are easily taken from your home and forcefully opened later.

Hidden diversion safes are the best security safes for extra cash, jewelry and other small valuables you keep in the home. Like other security safes the best diversion safes are fire and waterproof, however unlike other personal safes secret safes are perfectly hidden; even if they are in plain sight.  They are also for whatever reason a lot cheaper than traditional residential safes. Secret hidden safes are disguised to look exactly like normal everyday items that burglars would never guess was a safe or had valuables inside. Top food brands, household cleaners and other day to day residential item’s containers make the best secret diversion safes, because they are disguised to look and feel exactly the same as actual containers you see every day.
Secret diversion safes when hidden with other household items will never be targeted, because they will never know or think that it’s a personal safe. There are lots of different cool and unique inexpensive diversion safes disguised to look like almost any household item you can think of. So no matter what type of secret security safe makes the most sense for your home and the household items you will be hiding it with there is a disguised diversion safe perfect for you that will keep your cash, jewelry and other small valuables secure.
Here we offer a great selection of the best most inexpensive and secured secret diversion safes disguised to look like a variety of common household items on sale at cheap discount prices. No matter what kind of inexpensive diversion security safe you are looking for or the types of personal valuables you will be hiding we have the best secret safe for you and have them for sale at a cheap discount price you can afford.  
Being an online based home security store we do not have the overhead or other expensive operating costs of traditional businesses. These savings allow us to offer a bigger, cooler and more unique selection of the best most effective yet inexpensive diversion safes and sell them at cheap discount prices. If you have any questions about any of our disguised secret safes please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.
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