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Home Self Defense Products has the Best Deals On Line for Self Defense, Survival and Security Protection. Do All of Your Shopping with the Best Store On Line and Save Big.

Search on line for the best deals you typically find the store with the cheapest prices, but not always the best quality. Home Self Defense Products store does have the best deals that includes high quality, strong warranties and customer service second to none.

We deal directly with manufactures with no middle men. We make purchases, some very large that empowers us to share the savings with you, our customer and throughout our store. Our "Best Deals" section includes products that were part of a large purchase, slow sellers or in the process of being discontinued. Each and every offer is new, high quality products that include manufacturer warranty. There are no seconds, un-wanted or used products on our store.

The "Best Deals" offers include self defense, personal and home protection, surveillance and emergency survival products. Every offer has been significantly reduced in price with you saving 50%, 60% and even more than 70% for some.

Don't put if off and make your deal today and save big.
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11-IN-1 Multi-Functional Survival Tool11-IN-1 Multi-Functional Survival ToolMulti function tool that is small but offers 11 different uses.
Black Lipstick Stun Gun with FlashlightBlack Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight
  Looks Just Like Lipstick: Easy to carry, Includes Flashlight, Rechargeable battery, Colors avail include Black, Pink and Purple!
Concealed Carry Badge and WalletConcealed Carry Badge and Wallet
Concealed Carry Badge and Wallet.
Frequency Detector with Strength MeterFrequency Detector with Strength MeterThis detector has the latest technology in hand-held radio frequency detection. Built-in signal strength meter lets you know when your  LCD screen displays actual frequency that is being detected.
Heat Treated Hinged Stainless Steel HandcuffHeat Treated Hinged Stainless Steel HandcuffThese pair of hinged handcuffs by Cittin Edge Police Force will provide you with a high level of restraint and control.
Hercules Black Conceal Carry Bulletproof BackpackHercules Black Conceal Carry Bulletproof BackpackLightweight Tough Water Resistant Conceal Carry Backpack with Bulletproof Compartment.
Perfume Protector Stun GunPerfume Protector Stun GunThis compact yet powerful stun gun is ideal self defense device for women. It looks just like a perfume spray bottle, so it is small enough to carry in your pocket or purse. Don't let it's small size fool you- it may be discrete and easy to conceal, but it is capable of bringing an attacker to his knees.
Pink Sting Ring Stun Gun with Body Glove HolsterPink Sting Ring Stun Gun with Body Glove Holster
Electroshock Pink Sting Ring Stun Gun with Body Glove Deluxe Holster.
Police Force Mini Tactical Stun FlashlightPolice Force Mini Tactical Stun FlashlightLimited Offer Police Force Mini Stun Gun Flashlight.
Rechargable USB Green Laser PointerRechargable USB Green Laser PointerRechargeable USB Green Light Laser Pointer with Red Casing.
Utility Sling Bullet Proof PackUtility Sling Bullet Proof PackEverday Use Sling Pack Includes Multi Functioning Pockets and Inserts for Ballistic Panels.
WIRESAWWIRESAWSee our lightweight yet tough wire saw. The 21″ stainless steel multi-strand cutting wire has swivel points for easy handling and use.
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