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Personal Self Defense Travel Protection

Personal Self Defense Travel Protection

Self Defense Products Specifically For Travel

What are the risks each time you travel?

Have you ever experienced a car accident or had a flat tire? Has your car ever stopped running or ran out of gas? If so, you have felt the anxiety that accompanies one of these roadside misfortunes.

Unfortunately, personal assaults and carjacking crimes are on the rise as well! Do you travel alone or during the evening?

You can take action now before becoming the new victim. Pepper spray, stun guns and Tasers are compact and effective crime deterrents. These products fit easily into vehicle glove compartments, a purse, next or underneath your seat or plain out in sight!

Travel safety is not just limited to vehicles. Whether you are traveling by bus, taxi or train, it is equally important to be aware of your surroundings, especially when you are on vacation or traveling to unfamiliar destinations. Travel in pairs, stay alert and carry you personal self protection at all times.

Below we offer some of the top Personal Self Protection products available for use. Though these self defense products are effective, it is important to keep you doors locked, avoid driving into un-safe areas and avoid driving alone whenever possible.

“Below are the most popular products being selected and purchased for travel use. Should you not see what you are searching for please go to the Products Section and click on the category that most interests you for our full line of products in that category.”

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#1 - SM 2.5M VOLT STUN GUN#1 - SM 2.5M VOLT STUN GUNThis Flashlight Stun Gun is one of the Top Sellers!
#4 - 1/2 oz Pepper Shot w/Auto Visor Clip#4 - 1/2 oz Pepper Shot w/Auto Visor ClipPepper Shot with Car Visor Clip for your personal self protection. Ideal for any vehicle type.
#4 - Emergency Car, RV, Boat Kit#4 - Emergency Car, RV, Boat KitEmergency Car Kits You Can Add and Build To Meet Your Specific Needs!
#9D - Pepper Pen#9D - Pepper PenDesigned to repel attackers, this powerful pepper formula is contained inside a handy pen-like unit.
4 In 1 Auto Emergency Tool4 In 1 Auto Emergency ToolWith 4 emergency functions in one, this car emergency tool is the most versatile on the market. The super bright flashlight can be used at night in any situation. The blinking emergency light activates automatically upon removal from its base.
6-in-1 Multi Purpose Tool6-in-1 Multi Purpose Tool6 in 1 Multi Purpose Tool Shovel For Survival Uses
Adventure ToolAdventure ToolKeep this handy tool tucked away in your glove box, backpack, or tool box, just in case.
Car DVR HD Recorder with 8GBCar DVR HD Recorder with 8GBOur video camera recorder, designed for you car, RV, and trucks offers all the features you would ever need for all occasions.
Door Guard AlarmDoor Guard AlarmThe Door Guard Alarm is a very versatile shock sensor alarm. Ideal for home, office, hotel, or travel. This alarm requires no installation, simply hang it on any doorknob.
DVR High Definition Car Dash CameraDVR High Definition Car Dash Camera  Every Vehicle Should Have One: Excellent deterrent against assault, Accident recorder, Evidence collector, and Criminal catching device!

Emergency Power Supply & Car Jump StarterEmergency Power Supply & Car Jump Starter
GF Thunder Light with Pivoting HeadGF Thunder Light with Pivoting HeadGF Thunder Light Cap Light features a 135 lumen LED light housed in a tough black ABS plastic body with slide zoom and aluminum pivoting head
Guard Dog Micra 18 Lumen LED FlashlightGuard Dog Micra 18 Lumen LED Flashlight  Minature light 3/4 inch length: Ideal for everyday use, Aircraft grade aluminum, corrosion and water resistant, 18 lumens, Titanium black.

Guard Dog VueGuard Dog VueTactical flashlight with premium aircraft grade aluminum, the body ensures a waterproof and shockproof experience in all terrains and conditions.
HP-388 Electronic Pocket/Keychain WhistleHP-388 Electronic Pocket/Keychain WhistleYou don't even have to blow the electronic pocket/key-chain whistle...just push a button. Useful in sporting events, a locator in emergencies (earthquakes,
Mace Pepper Spray Night Defender MK-III LightMace Pepper Spray Night Defender MK-III LightMACE Pepper Gel (Night Defender with LED Light, a new formulation which is suspended in Gel instead of a liquid stream. The Night Defender unit is equipped with a powerful LED light that activates when the flip top safety cap is lifted
Mace® 3 in 1 Sport StrobeMace® 3 in 1 Sport StrobeMace 3 In 1 Sports Strobe. To activate alarm, remove pin from the top of the unit to emit a 130db blast and flashing light.
Mace® Fogger ModelMace® Fogger ModelDesigned for use in home or automobile. Compact, powerful model features flip-top safety cap. 60 gram unit, full cone fogger sprays up to 8 feet. Contains 18 one second bursts.
Mace® Home ModelMace® Home ModelHigh powered model is ideal for home, dormitories and RV's. Our largest unit features flip-top safety cap. 120 gram unit, full cone fogger sprays up to 8 feet. Contains 38 one second bursts
Mace® Police Model 10% PepperGard®Mace® Police Model 10% PepperGard®Same size model used by law enforcement personnel. Ideal for auto or home use. Features • Flip-top safety cap • Finger-grip dispenser • Belt clip • Keychain • 17 gram unit sprays 8-12 feet. • Contains 10 one second bursts.
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