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Tactical Gear and Bags made In The USA developed for both Security and Survival Outdoors. The Must Have Gear is Used by Law Enforcement, Police, SWAT, Fire and Military. As a Distributor we Offer the Gear for Sale at a Cheap Price.

1 Watt Tactical Led Flashlight1 Watt Tactical Led Flashlight1 Watt Tactical Led Flashlight
28" Short Rifle Carrying Case - Black28" Short Rifle Carrying Case - Black28" short rifle carrying case made with a nylon outer casing surrounding a protective shock absorbing foam casing which keeps your weapon from getting beaten up.
3 Day MOLLE Assault Backpack - Coyote3 Day MOLLE Assault Backpack - CoyoteA frameless panel loading pack with large main compartment, a front mid-sized compartment, and a front flat compartment.
AR Chest Rig - BlackAR Chest Rig - BlackThe AR Chest Rig will get your AR Battle Load wherever your mission takes you!
Coyote Big Pistol Belt HolsterCoyote Big Pistol Belt HolsterThis lightweight and durable Coyote nylon pistol holster is quite versatile
Coyote Long Rifle Carrying Case - BlackCoyote Long Rifle Carrying Case - BlackCoyote 42" Long Rifle Carrying Case. Available in Black or Brown
Day Bag with Handgun ConcealmentDay Bag with Handgun ConcealmentDay Bag with Handgun Concealment - Holds up to 13" Screen Computer
Deluxe Quick Draw Tactical Vest - CoyoteDeluxe Quick Draw Tactical Vest - CoyoteYou get an incredible 12 pouches and a pistol holster on the front of the vest. You get 2 large zipper pouches internal.
First Responder Bag - CoyoteFirst Responder Bag - CoyoteFirst Responder Tactical Bag with space for all of your quick response needs with 7 compartments total.
Pink Bulletproof BackpackPink Bulletproof BackpackThis everyday wear backpack provides all the necessary protection for youth and up to college students, while only weighing ounces more than non-protected backpacks.
ProSheild 2 Bulletproof Backpack BlackProSheild 2 Bulletproof Backpack BlackThis everyday backpack has been tested and certified against .357 magnum, 44 magnum, 9mm and .45 bullets by the National Institute of Justice with Level IIIA protection.
When you are out, whether it be hunting, fishing, paintball shooting, hiking or on the job, carrying the appropriate tactical gear is essential. The military, police, SWAT, law enforcement and fire rely on their gear for survival. Even EMS and rely on their med gear for the same. This is especially true for all us in the public sector that enjoy the outdoors for both security survival.
Tactical gear has evolved since it was first used as camouflage. The military has it’s versions for combat, law enforcement, SWAT, police have developed response gear for assault, fire and EMS have their own versions including med gear. The tactical gear for public use evolved too offering vast options for hunters, hobbies such as shooting guns, paintball, and airsoft. Colors and styles from green, brown, black to army suburban are available. Bags specifically for kids has become popular. Let’s not forget mercenary gear too!
As a distributor we offer a great selection of must have tactical gear used by police, SWAT, law enforcement, fire and military. Many of the bags and gear for sale are made in the USA. Our on line store is you one stop depot for top quality gear at a cheap price.
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