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Home Self Defense Products Offers for Sale Some of the Best Bulletproof Shield Material Available On Line. Our Vast Selection Includes High Quality Security Protection for A Cheap Price that Includes Peace of Mind.

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Bulletproof BackpackBulletproof Backpack

This everyday backpack has been tested and certified against .357 magnum, 44 magnum, 9mm and .45 bullets by the National Institute of Justice with Level IIIA protection.
Hercules Concealed Carry Backpack w/Plate CompartmentHercules Concealed Carry Backpack w/Plate CompartmentLightweight Tough Water Resistant Conceal Carry Backpack with Bulletproof Compartment.
ProShield Bulletproof Backpack NIJ Level IIIA (black)ProShield Bulletproof Backpack NIJ Level IIIA (black)Bulletproof backpack that weighs only ounces more than non-armored backpacks
Bulletproof material and shields have been in use over 100 years with the original bulletproof shield introduced 1897 by an engineer named Casimir Zeglen. Noting the value this protection offered he continually developed ways to improve his invention and in 1901 the first commercial bulletproof vest was available for sale.

After more than half a century bulletproof material more commonly known as Kevlar was introduced in 1969. Richard Davis developed this material that was found to be 230% stronger than nylon.
Today, bulletproof material and shields are widely used including; shields, vest, glass, clothing, backpacks, briefcase, helmets, vehicles, clothes, suits, tires and much more. Each application is limitless and saves lives.
Our on-line store has bulletproof material options for nearly every application that includes quality for an affordable cheap price. We are confident we have the application for your life style and needs. Get the protection you need now that includes peace of mind.
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